Chapter 2


New product Bloomed: Rosette Sat next to two moms at Urth Café, both had their newborns swaddled in golden brown blankets. I guess the days of pink and blue are over. A woman stopped and asked the moms “boys or girls?” They rolled their eyes after she left and said “how could she not tell, they are clearly girls!” The Golden Rage: Toasted TaupeAn hour before sunrise, I think about you and regret the day I met you. An hour before sunset, I think about you and can’t believe I survived another day without you. These are the golden hours - the hours they say are the perfect light to photograph. You are my worst masterpiece. More Info

Book of Sun merges subtle, natural color resulting in a long-lasting glow. Soft-touch technology enables even pigment dispersion and superior blending control. Whether you blend the blush and bronzer or use the shades alone, these lightweight, refined powders provide a silky-smooth finish while delivering vibrant color. Sunshine in a palette, happily Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Vegan and completely cruelty free.

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